2021 U.S. Women's Freestyle Rankings Presented By ASICS

50 Kilograms

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1. This is our third ranking at 10 weights, and our first since June. The Olympic year(s) had previously reduced our ranking to six weights, which caused a lot of depth and traffic. Now that we’re back to 10 weights, you’re starting to see a lot more new names in there and there’s more settling of the weight classes as women move to new weights and depth is spread out. It’s also nice to see some of the younger names in there like Sage Mortimer (#10 at 50 kg), Claire DiCugno (#10 at 57 kg), London Houston (#9 at 59 kg), and Esther Han (#10 at 59 kg). Previously, in the six weight-class format, they’d probably be bumped out due to the extreme depth of the weights.  
2. The events we used for this ranking were primarily World Team Trials, though we did note a few relevant results at Fargo, and even the Olympics, though that doesn’t tell us much domestically.

3. There’s three new #1 wrestlers. After her performance at World Team Trials, Jenna Burkert earned the #1 spot at 55 kg. We kept Burkert’s opponent Jacarra Winchester #1 at 53 kg until it becomes clear that she intends to make a permanent move back to 55 kg. Forrest Molinari is back on top, this time at 65 kg, winning the world team spot last week at World Team Trials. She had previously been at 68 kg. At 72 kg, 17-year-old phenom Kylie Welker takes the #1 spot at the Senior level, defeating another young star Kennedy Blades at World Team Trials. Welker has the opportunity to make history by winning the “Triple Crown” in wrestling this year—Junior Worlds (which she has already done), U23 Worlds, and Senior Worlds.

4. Of course, all the weights are deep, but 53 kg, 65 kg, 72 kg, and 76 kg seem particularly deep.

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