2021 US Women's Freestyle Rankings Presented By ASICS

50 Kilograms

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1. This is our second ranking at the full 10 weight classes available in non-Olympic years.

2. The Poland Open and Junior Pan Am Championships were considered for this round. Not a lot of movement, but there were a few significant changes.

3. Due to Jennifer Page moving back down to 62 kg, King’s Ashlynn Ortega slides into the #1 spot at 65 kg. Remember, she took out rival Alara Boyd at U23s in two straight matches in the best-of-three final to earn the #2 spot over Boyd.

4. Katerina Lange keeps climbing. By virtue of her gold medal finish at the Pan Am Championships, Lange earned a #3 ranking at 65 kg. Nugent does have a head to head over Lange last fall, but that was Lange’s first-ever freestyle competition, and she’s been a rocket ship since then. Nugent holds the #5 spot.

5. We moved Fearnside, normally a staple at 50 kg, to 53 kg after competing in the last two events at 55 kg and 53 kg, respectively. She lands in the #6 spot by virtue of her head to head loss last December to #5 Tiare Ikei on the FloWrestling card.

6. Keep in mind that the non-Olympic weights (55 kg, 59 kg, 65 kg, 72 kg) still aren’t as deep as the Olympic weights (50 kg, 53 kg, 57 kg, 62 kg, 68 kg, 76 kg). We built a ranking from scratch in May for those weights and therefore the field was smaller to choose from, and not nearly as deep, though the women ranked at those weights are still well-decorated. Look for a lot of changes over the next year as Senior women move around to new classes and results keep rolling in!

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