2021 Atlantic Coast Conference Rankings

165 ACC Rankings

Even with counting the injury default loss by Lewis to Wentzel (which the ACC will likely do for seeding purposes, unlike our rankings) Mekhi still gets the number one spot thanks to both his superior body of work (for instance, he was the 2019 NCAA champion), and due to Wentzel's loss to Bullard. 

Wentzel, Keating, Bullard and Monday's rankings might as well be picked from a hat. Monday beat Bullard, Bullard beat Wentzel, Wentzel beat Monday AND Keating, and Keating beat Monday AND Bullard. Based on those results, Wentzel and Keating have the extra wins, and Wentzel has the head-to-head over Keating, so it's Wentzel 2, Keating 3. 

Then Bullard gets the nod over Monday as his best win is #2 Wentzel and Monday's best win is #4 Bullard. Switching Bullard and Monday gives Monday an even worse win (#5 instead of #4), so we keep Bullard at #4 despite losing the head-to-head with Monday. It is for these reasons (aka ranker's delights) that we consider head-to-heads for tiebreakers, rather than for primary ranking criteria. 

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