2020-21 Girls High School Rankings


USA Wrestling, FloWrestling and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum has published its second national rankings for high school girls wrestlers for the 2020-21 season.

There are a few key changes in the rankings moving forward. 

  1. The athletes have been placed in the weight classes where they have competed in tournaments in the summer and fall of 2020, rather than where they competed prior to the pandemic. Because of the uncertainty of high school seasons, including some delays and cancellations of opportunities, competitions outside of the traditional scholastic season will be a key influence on the rankings.

  2. There are a number of states which allow eighth grade athletes to compete at their official and unofficial state championships. In addition, many of the major tournaments held outside the scholastic system allow eighth graders to wrestle in the high school division. Since many eighth graders are facing high school athletes regularly, they will be considered in the national high school rankings moving forward.

This ranking evaluates all girls enrolled in grades 8-12, and athletes from all 50 states are eligible for selection.

While all available competitions are considered, extra weight has been given to the major national fall tournaments, including the USA Wrestling Brian Keck Memorial Preseason Nationals and Super 32.

With the high school season being held at non-traditional times this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the committee will publish monthly updates to these rankings. Please expect that there could be many changes, based upon athletes establishing new weight classes, as well as additional athletes that are able to compete as wrestling becomes more available in their state and region. 

With the extreme re-shuffling of these rankings, athletes who were ranked No. 1 in September and remain as No. 1 in November include Samara Chavez of Texas (112), Jennifer Soto of California (122), Korina Blades of Illinois (127), Kylie Welker of Wisconsin (144), Amit Elor of California (152), Kennedy Blades of Illinois (164), Brianna Staebler of Wisconsin (180) and Olivia Brown of Oklahoma (200).

Athletes who have moved up into No. 1 spots in November include Sterling Dias of Nevada (100), Oliva Shore of Ohio (106), Jaclyn Dehney of New Hampshire (117), Savannah Cosme of Colorado (132), Chloe Ogden of Florida (138) and Traeh Haynes of Texas (225).

The high school wrestling season has been changed on a state-to-state basis. Some states have delayed the start of the season. Others have shortened the season. Others have pushed high school wrestling into 2021, with official state high school championships for girls scheduled as late as June 2020.

The girls high school ranking will appear on the websites of all three organizations, and be promoted through each of their different media platforms.

Last year, the first National Girls High School Team Ranking was published at the conclusion of the 2019-2020 season. A preseason national team ranking is being targeted for December. Watch for more information, but coaches of teams that should be considered are encouraged to send their projected lineups and schedule to the committee members at girlsrankings@usawrestling.org

Coaches, parents and athletes are encouraged to provide information about specific athletes and their achievements throughout the year for the committee to consider. If they have information on specific girls who should be considered for ranking or updates on their achievements, please send it by email to girlsrankings@usawrestling.org. As noted in the past, head-to-head matches, especially in matches featuring ranked wrestlers, will be extremely helpful to the committee. The quality of these rankings continue to improve as people choose to share updated information.

In addition, the committee seeks to add high-quality in-season competitions to their watch list. Wrestling leaders at the state level are encouraged to recommend the “best” girls high school events, so the results can affect the rankings. 

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