2020 Domestic Rankings - Women's Freestyle

50 Kilograms

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1. This is the final ranking at Olympic weights! It drops in right before the Olympic Team Trials this weekend to give fans a look at the landscape of these weight classes.

2. Since the last ranking, the college postseason (NCAA & NAIA) and the Last Chance Qualifier went into the books, which gave us plenty of data. Those results are reflected in this round of rankings.

3. We don’t rank anyone at the Senior level until they’re 18-years-old. Obviously, after last weekend’s performance, Kennedy Blades and Kylie Welker would both be in the top 5 at 68 kg if they were of age. It’s hard to believe, but both Blades and Welker are only juniors in high school. Juniors. Within the next year, they’ll make their debut in Senior level rankings, but for now, you’ll just have to use your imagination. You can see in the pre-seeds USA Wrestling put out that Blades is seeded #3 at 68 kg this weekend.

4. 68 kg, after the top 4, is a little bit of a tangle. 2-time college national champion Solin Piearcy (Menlo Wrestling Club) finally surfaced again and had a nice tournament at Last Chance, a day worthy of putting her in the top 10. But with her win over previous #4 Alyvia Fiske and her loss to #7 Kayla Marano, it takes some of the clarity out of the weight, especially considering Fiske beat Ortega at the Captain’s Cup, who beat Marano, who beat…Piearcy. Meanwhile, with Nahiela Magee entered this weekend at 68 kg, she gets the #6 spot by virtue of her head to head wins over Fiske and Piearcy. She’d been falling in the rankings due to lack of activity, as we haven’t seen her for over a year. In the end, this is a very strong top 10.

5. 53 kg didn’t budge. Peyton Prussin certainly had a year worthy of cracking the top 10, but the weight is so jammed, it stayed right where it was.

6. Moving up: Some wrestlers are making moves. After her dramatic NAIA title, Campbellsville’s McKayla Campbell (50 kg) is in at #10; McKendree’s Alara Boyd (68 kg) climbs to #5 with a convincing win in the finals over previous #7 Kayla Marano at the National Collegiate Women’s Wrestling Championships and a head to head over Ortega; Wisconsin RTC’s Michaela Beck (62 kg) jumps in at #9 with an impressive performance at Last Chance; two-time U.S. Open champ Jackie Cataline (76 kg) is back in at #9 after moving up a weight; and Life’s Jordan Nelson (76 kg) also in the top 10 at #10 after winning an NAIA title.

7. Keep in mind, these are Olympic weights. That means the non-Olympic year 10 weight classes are converging together down to only 6 weight classes, creating competitive depth. There are many wrestlers who are in the top 10 at their weights in non-Olympic years, but did not make the top 10 in this ranking. Once the Olympics are over, our rankings will resume the normal 10 weight classes.

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