2020-21 High School Rankings


Everything about this spring and summer has been unprecedented. Putting together the first ranking of the year was not easy with months between competitions and most wrestlers have not been on the mat since their state championship. Grand River Rumble, King of the Ring, and Midwest Iron Man have been considered in the rankings. Normally a tournament in the middle of the summer after a long layoff would be a pretty insignificant data point. Unfortunately, these are the only data points we have since March. More than usual lengthy resumes were given more leeway for sub-par performances at any of these events. We do have some weight declarations and have adjusted accordingly. 

If a wrestler has not competed, and we don’t have any information on a projected weight class, a one weight class adjustment has been made. Once wrestlers start competing again adjustments will be made. The one exception is 106lbs. Often the weight is reloaded with breakout performers from UWW Cadet World Team Trials and Fargo. I have kept some wrestlers at the weight as I believe they could be back for another year at the weight. With that said, 106lbs will be added in the fall. Junior high results don’t create enough data points with several weight classes filtering into the bottom weight. Everything at this point would be speculation. Without NHSCA, Fargo, and the spring/summer dual events it’s just too long of a competitive layoff to get an accurate handle on the landscape of the weight class.

Add Pennsylvania to Michigan as states that don’t follow NFHS weight classes. This will be a case-by-case basis to fit the wrestlers into a weight class at the national level. Pennsylvania will compete in the same weights up to 160lbs. From there they will wrestle 172, 189, 215 and 285. The 189lb wrestlers will be the wrestlers in question here. They will be considered at 182 and 195lbs. This isn’t the big departure that Michigan takes using the old weight classes prior to the 2011 change. 

This weight is looking for a frontrunner. Current #1 Wyatt Henson (PA) earned the spot with back-to-back wins over Sam Hillegas (PA) to win his first PIAA title. 

#2 Cody Chittum (NJ) is going to be in a crowded Blair lineup. They are going to have to make some shift to optimize the talent there.

#3 Ethen Miller (MO) is probably the most interesting candidate for the top spot as he has finished second in Fargo and Ironman. He missed a large portion of the season last year due to injury and came back up a weight from his early season form. He majored #4 Caleb Henson (GA) and has shown to be a real contender for the #1 spot. 

Caleb Henson (GA) and #11 Caden McCrary (GA) will have to decide where they are headed, but I will rank them both at 145 until the season begins. 

I expect this weight class to be volatile during the season with a lot of movement. Can anyone establish themselves as a clear cut #1?

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