2020-21 High School Rankings


The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown this weight class into even more chaos than usual. Fargo and Akron were both canceled, two integral national tournaments used to gauge the progress of the lightest and youngest of the high school divisions. Additionally, many eighth graders may end up delaying their entry into high school due to the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming school year. 

Two criteria were applied to each wrestler before they were considered for inclusion in this ranking: 1) they could not have competed recently at 110-pounds or greater and 2) they had to have competed at least once in 2020. School information will also be incomplete and/or incorrect until the season (knock on wood) gets underway.

Kannon Webster is the highest returning wrestler at the weight after going undefeated for Washington and bonusing his way through the 2A state tournament. Nate Jesuroga went undefeated at Legends of Gold and won Reno Worlds in Tulsa. Anthony Knox and Nick O’Neill round out the top tier.

The Show Me State is in fine form, with three Missourians in the Top 15, though Nick Treaster almost spoiled the party after beating Cael Keck at KC Stampede. Losses at the Grand River Rumble, however, kept Treaster at #16. 

From #9 and beyond, no wrestler is without blemish, further compounded by a sprinkling of losses to middle schoolers who will not be involved in this upcoming high school season.

Javaan Yarbrough may be small for 106 but has done enough to stay ranked for now. Jacob Carson swept all three styles at Western States and is the last man in the top 20. They'll have to fend off many worthy competitors, although there will undoubtedly be wrestlers that drop out because they are held back and defer entry to high school for another year. Additionally, look for wrestlers who return after long stretches of inactivity to break into the rankings as the season progresses. 

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