2021-2022 International Rankings - Men's Freestyle

57 Zaur Uguev

Out of Russia, #11 Azamat Tuskaev was mostly unchallenged as he won the military worlds championships. Then at the tournament in Khasavyurt, #10 Abubakar Mutaliev won gold over #20 Magomed Abdurakhmanov. Also in Khasavyurt, Akmed Idrisov and Ramiz Gamzatov participated up at 61kg and will be ranked at their new weight.

Other changes result from Azerbaijan’s 57kg wrestlers. At U23 Worlds, #20 Aliabbas Rzazade took home the gold medal with a win over #19 Bekbolot Myrzanazar Uulu (KGZ) in the finals. Prior to the finals, Rzazade took out India’s Igave who defeated formerly ranked  #16 Ramazan Abdurakhmonov (RUS). Then, at Azerbaijan’s national tournament, Afghan Khashalov took home the gold medal by defeating Rzazade in the finals.

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