2019-20 NCAA DI Rankings

184 East of Zahid-en

184 is rapidly becoming the most chaotic of all the weight classes, and while that may make life a bit more difficult for the rankers, it only enhances the excitement for the fans. A prime example would be Michigan State's Cam Caffey, who has losses to Dylan Wisman, Tanner Harvey, Billy Janzer, Zach Carlson, Jelani Embree and Zach Braunagel. Caffey also has two top ten wins in Andrew Morgan and most recently Taylor Venz. As a result, Venz falls in between Abe Assad and Aaron Brooks, as Venz beat Brooks and lost to Assad. Caffey, for his efforts, falls in between Embree and Braunagel. Could Caffey be ranked higher? We believe there is a case to be made. Could he be ranked lower? We believe there is a case to be made there too. In the end, we decided to split the difference between the high and low-end scenarios we considered. 

Elsewhere, Jack Jessen beat Embree, who is buoyed by his earlier win against the ascendent Caffey. Jessen doesn't have quite the resume to crack the top 25 (multiple unranked losses prevent this), but he is close. Additionally, Anthony Montalvo continues to improve as the season goes on, beating Marcus Coleman and moving one spot ahead of him. 

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