2019-20 NCAA DI Rankings

285 Ready Willing And Gable Steveson

Sadly, Coach Sanderson disclosed that Anthony Cassar's season is over after suffering an injury at Senior Nationals. With regards to rankings, that moves Gable Steveson to the top spot and add Seth Nevills, who had his redshirt pulled this weekend, to the mix. 

Also new to the rankings is Quinn Miller, who added three wins this weekend to his already impressive record. 

Harvard's tastefully named Yaraslau Slavikouski continues to rampage through the rankings with two wins over Gannon Gremmel and Jere Heino. A loss to Tanner Hall stops the Belarussian born brawler from moving up any higher. 

The aforementioned Heino, who hails from Finland, beat the aforementioned Gremmel. 

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