2019-20 EIWA Conference Rankings

125 EIWA Rankings!

This is our way too early look at the EIWA conference rankings. I reached out to every coach via email for potential starters for their team. The EIWA coaches did a tremendous job in responding to me, and I received a response from all 17 coaches. It is important to note that the coaches that responded told me that nothing is set in stone and line-ups can and will change as we get closer to the season. Coaches in some cases gave me more than one wrestler for a weight but I had to make the call on which one to rank.

As things change and I get updated roster information from any of the coaches I will happily release an updated conference ranking. Remember true freshman will start at the bottom of the rankings. Of all the conferences, this affects the EIWA the most, partially due to the Ivy League schools.  

With regards to Olympic Redshirts and Ivy “Grey” Shirts, we ranked utilizing the information we had at the time and as mentioned above will update rankings as additional information is made available.

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