2019-20 Pac-12 Conference Rankings

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General Disclaimer:

This is obviously a way too early look at the PAC 12 conference rankings. I reached out to every coach via email for potential starters for their team. I got a response from three of the six coaches. At this point, I think it is best to not list any wrestlers for Little Rock as they get ready for their first season of wrestling. If things change and I get roster information from them I would happily add those wrestlers and release an updated conference ranking. Remember True Freshman will start at the bottom of the rankings.

Important to note that even the coaches that responded let me know that nothing is set in stone and there can and probably will be changes as we get closer to the season. Coaches in some cases gave me more than one wrestler for a weight but I had to make the call to rank only one. In the cases where two wrestlers were given to me and one was a true freshman, I listed the experienced wrestler. That being said, don’t be surprised to see some true freshman starting come the start of the season.

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