NCAA Rankings 2018-19

157 Jason Nolf

Alec Pantaleo beat Ryan Deakin at Big Tens to climb up to #4. Deakin slides to #5 after the loss to Pantaleo and splitting matches with Steve Bleise. Bleise moves up to #7 thanks to his efforts in Minneapolis. 

In Blacksburg, Hayden Hidlay beat Taleb Rahmani as expected, so no changes there. But in the MAC Championship, Jarrett Jacques knocked off Larry Early to climb into the top 10 and send Early down to #9. 

Back at Big Tens, John Van Brill and Griffin Parriott's results offered a mixed bag. JVB did beat Parriott so he leapfrogs Griffin to #14 based on the head-to-head.

In Binghamton, Josh Humphreys got revenge on Zach Hartman in a battle of true freshman. The Mountain Hawk gets a bump in the rankings thanks to his conference title-winning performance. 

Finally, in the Pac-12, Hunter Willits makes a top 20 debut thanks to his toppling of Paul Fox from Stanford. And Michigan State's Jacob Tucker drops out after being medically unable to wrestle at Big Tens. 

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