NCAA Rankings 2018-19

149: Anthony Ashnault

Matt Kolodzik's lost to Connor Prince of Navy at the EIWAs and drops a couple of spots as a result. Brady Berge beat Pat Lugo and then defaulted out of the semifinals to place sixth. That win is enough to move Berge into the top 10, as Lugo has been wrestling well recently, placing third in Minneapolis. 

In Tulsa, Max Thomsen lost to Henry Pohlmeyer of South Dakota State and Davion Jeffries of Oklahoma. He drops out of the top 10 as a result. Jeffries moves up thanks to his efforts. 

Back in Minneapolis, Tommy Thorn beat Cole Martin and the former moves ahead of the latter. 

In the Pac-12 Championship, Josh Maruca lost to Requir van der Merwe and is forced out of the top 20 due to Thorn's inclusion. 

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RankGradeNameSchoolPrevious Rank
1SRAnthony AshnaultRutgers1
2SRMicah JordanOhio State2
3SRMitch FinesilverDuke4
4FRAustin O'ConnorNorth Carolina5
5FRBrock MaullerMissouri6
6JRMatthew KolodzikPrinceton3
7JRPat LugoIowa8
8FRKaden GfellerOK State9
9FRBrady BergePenn State14
10SRJustin OliverNC State10
11SOJoshua HeilCampbell11
12JRMax ThomsenUNI7
13SOJarrett DegenIowa State12
14SRDavion JeffriesOklahoma17
15SRThomas ThornMinnesotaNR
16JRCole MartinWisconsin13
17FRAnthony ArtalonaPenn15
18SORequir van der MerweStanford16
19JRKhristian OlivasFresno State18
20SRChristian MonserratWest Virigina19