EIWA Rankings 2017-18

Ranked: The EIWA Top 8 125-Pounders

The 2017 national champion Darian Cruz returns this season as do five of the other top eight finishers from the 2017 EIWA tournament. Josh Terao takes the No. 2 spot and battled Cruz in the conference finals last season before falling 5-4 to the champ. These two are the clear favorites to return to the title match, but there is no shortage of young talent looking to make their names known to the conference.

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1SRDarian CruzLehigh
2JRJosh TeraoAmerican
3SONoah BaughmanCornell
4SRZack FuentesDrexel
5JRSteven BulzomiBinghamton
6SOTrey ChalifouxArmy
7SOMatteo DeVincenzoPrinceton
8SOTrey KeeleyBrown