Big Ten Rankings 2017-18

B1G 157: Topsy-Turvy Pantaleo

Though incredibly talented, Alec Pantaleo has been all over the 157-pound map this year. He slides to #4 after his loss to Andrew Crone.

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RankClassNameSchoolPrevious Rank
1JRJason NolfPenn State1
2SOMichael KemererIowa2
3JRMicah JordanOhio State4
4JRAlec PantaleoMichigan3
5JRTyler BergerNebraska5
6JRJohn Van BrillRutgers9
7SRAndrew CroneWisconsin8
8SRJake ShortMinnesota6
9SRKyle LangenderferIllinois7
10JRJake DanishekIndiana10
11FRJacob TuckerMichigan State11
12FRGriffin ParriottPurdue12
13FRKyle CochranMaryland13
14SOShayne OsterNorthwestern14