Big Ten Rankings 2017-18

B1G 125: A Freed Lee Topples Tomasello

How much fun is this weight class? Nathan Tomasello returns from his injury, only to be taken out by recently freed true freshman Spencer Lee. 

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RankClassNameSchoolPrevious Rank
1SONick SurianoRutgers2
2FRSpencer LeeIowaNR
3SRNathan TomaselloOhio State1
4JREthan LizakMinnesota3
5FRDrew MattinMichigan5
6FRSebastian RiveraNorthwestern6
7SRLuke WelchPurdue4
8SOTravis PiotrowskiIllinois7
9JRElijah OliverIndiana8
10FRRayvon FoleyMichigan State9
11SRMitchell MaginnisNebraskaNR
12FRBrandon CrayMaryland13
13SRJohnny JimenezWisconsinNR
14JRDevin SchnuppPenn State14