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Who's #1 The Show: Ep 65 - PWC Rosters and The Ranker's Motto

Feb 19, 2020

Brock talks Team USA at PWC and high school rankings, plus Spey and Nomad go through the latest NCAA rankings on another fun show with pals.

Show Rundown

Brock Talk

PWC Team USA Roster

High School Rankings

Questions from Enemies (or friends)

Collegiate Conundrums

125 through 184

The 197-Pound swirling cauldron of chaos

Questions from Enemies (or friends)

Ranker's Glossary

Designated Ranking Period (DRP): The time frame when results are relevant to a particular ranking.

Ranker’s Equilibrium: When someone has a win over a higher-ranked wrestler and a loss to a lower-ranked wrestler.

Ranker’s Delight: A group of wrestlers with circular wins and losses. e.g. A beats B, B beats C, and C beats A

The Ranker’s Guild: The official ranker’s club, from whence our authority derives.

The Ranker’s Oath: “I will objectively order to the best of my abilities without bias or prejudice, and never assume the results of an injury default or unfinished bout.”

Ranker’s Motto: Rankings are not predictions, they are based on results.