picture of Pat Downey

2019 USA World Team member at 86kg, 2016 NCAA All-American, 2012 FILA Junior Nationals Champion, 2012 Junior World Championships Silver Medalist in Pattaya, Thailand

PD3 On DT Accusations

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Pat Downey Addresses David Taylor Accusations, Bad Boy Persona And More

Jul 6, 2020

0:00 - What did Downey learn from his World Team experience

0:02:14 - How was it getting the focus from the coaches since you were the #1 guy.

0:03:40 - You’re a wild man, but it seems like eat clean.  How big are you really? When did you pick up this discipline?

0:05:20 - Jordan Burroughs was eating Chicken McNuggets?

0:06:35 - Why is PD3 so aggressive towards David Taylor?

0:09:00 - Can your trash talked backfire? (Downey apologizes)

0:10:30 - Do you owe David Taylor an apology?

0:12:00 - What did you learn from your matches against David Taylor?

0:13:20 - CP pushes back against PD3’s accusations against Taylor.

0:14:45 - Does PD3 need to go upper body to beat DT?

0:15:20 - Could DT be underestimating Downey?

0:16:30 - Is PD3 underrated by the wrestling public?

0:18:10 - Why did DT ask for the 4 min period, no tech?

0:19:00 - How do you coach Pat Downey?

0:21:25 - Will we ever see PD3 in MMA?

0:23:50 - Do you like the bad boy persona you’ve developed?

0:25:45 -  How is PD3 able to be himself when other athletes struggle to do that?

0:26:50 -  ADCC trials?

0:28:40 - Will PD3 allow CP to lead a mediation session between Ben Askren and PD3?