picture of Carson Kharchla
The Bader Show | Carson Kharchla (Ep. 268)

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The Bader Show | Carson Kharchla (Ep. 268)

Jan 27, 2022

Ohio State freshman Carson Kharchla joins The Bader Show.

0:00: Carson Kharchla’s big win.

3:30: Introduction to wrestling.

11:00: The decision to compete. 

13:00: Carson’s first wrestling match.

16:00: Wrestling relationship with father.

17:30: High expectations.

21:00: Becoming a Buckeye.

23:00: Dealing with injuries.

29:00: Overcoming adversity.

33:00: Mental relaxation.

35:00: Evaluating the season.

38:00: Different last names.

40:00: Sweat it out.

44:00: Wins and whoopins.