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Kaid Brock

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Kaid Brock | The Bader Show (Ep. 167)

Mar 8, 2021

Watch the replay of The Bader Show from Mar 8, 2021 on FloWrestling with Kaid Brock

0:01 Kaid Brock gives his perspective on this weekend’s Big 12 Championship
0:05 The 133 and 149 Big 12 finals felt like a Bedlam dual
0:07 Kaid compares himself to AJ Ferrari
0:08 Kaid Brock’s early start in the sport of wrestling
0:11 Coach Smith’s early workouts for Kaid and Joe Smith were about toughness
0:13 Kaid Brock’s high school career and his thoughts about Stillwater high school now
0:16 What it was like to have great wrestling opportunities growing up
0:19 Kaid’s recruiting process
0:20 What Kaid Brock thought about Sam Smith’s progress this year
0:22 The epic Cody Brewer match when Kaid’s redshirt got pulled
0:29 How Kaid handled his season-ending injury as a freshman
0:33 The time Kaid wrestled Jack Mueller, his childhood training partner, at NCAAs
0:34 Kaid’s season-ending injury this year and how he’s processing it
0:39 The options in the future for Kaid Brock
0:40 How hunting fits into Kaid Brock’s life
0:44 Kaid Brock’s wins & whoopin’s
0:47 The time Kaid lassoed Tristan Moran’s phone
0:48 Kaid Brock’s final word