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The Bader Show | Jason Borrelli (Ep. 172)

Mar 22, 2021

Watch the replay of The Bader Show from Mar 22, 2021 on FloWrestling with Stanford head coach Jason Borrelli.

0:01 Coach Borrelli summarizes this season at Stanford

0:09 Borrelli dives into Real Woods’ situation

0:12 The emotions the coaching staff experienced this year

0:15 The logistics involved in the movement to Keep Stanford Wrestling

0:17 How Coach Borrelli balances his frustration with the administration with a desire to work together long term

0:19 The conversations between the wrestling program and Stanford administration

0:23 How coaches from Stanford sports not on the chopping block feel about wrestling being cut

0:29 Stanford wants to solve the gender equity problem with a women’s program

0:31 The support for Stanford wrestling at NCAAs

0:32 Why Stanford wore black singlets this year

0:35 Jaden Abas’ All-American performance after losing in the first round

0:39 Saturday night at NCAAs when Shane Griffith won an NCAA title

0:41 Stanford’s conversations about the future

0:44 How Shane Griffith’s victory helped raise the profile of this movement

0:47 Currently, the coaches’ contracts are up on April 30

0:49 What Jason Borrelli has learned in the last year

0:51 The wrestling community needs to demand answers from Stanford

0:55 When the coaches got locked out of the Stanford social media accounts

0:57 Coach Borrelli’s final word