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Brian Smith | The Bader Show (Ep. 166)

Mar 3, 2021

Watch the replay of The Bader Show from Mar 3, 2021 on FloWrestling with Missouri head coach Brian Smith.

0:01 Brian Smith talks about his first conference title

0:04 What advice would veteran Coach Smith give to his former self

0:06 The time Missouri took a loss at Wyoming and Smith blew up!

0:11 How Coach Smith has evolved his approach to the time between conferences and NCAAs

0:14 Coach Smith likes the three week break before NCAAs

0:15 What has to happen for the season to be shortened?

0:18 Why Coach Smith might shorten his team’s season next year

0:21 Coach Smith thinks dual meets can help wrestling compete with other sports for fans’ attention

0:24 Keegan O’Toole’s freshman year

0:26 How Coach Smith feels about his new coaching staff

0:29 Coach Smith’s memories of recruiting Tyrel Todd

0:32 Brian Smith’s recruiting story as a high schooler

0:36 The process for Coach Smith to get the job at Missouri

0:42 Coach Smith’s wins & whoopins

0:44 Coach Smith’s final word