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Tony Ramos Interview

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The Complete Tony Ramos Interview: Grappling, UNC, 57kg Trials, Daton Fix

Sep 24, 2020

Sit down for a full on interview with Tony Ramos ahead of his upcoming grappling match against jiu jitsu prodigy Nicky Ryan.

0:00 - Why the heck are you doing this Tony?

0:03 - Do you know jiu jitsu moves?

0:07:40 - Why won’t wrestlers wrestle as much as grapplers grapple?

0:09:50 - How long have you been doing jiu jitsu? What has your training been like?

0:11:30 - Tony wasn’t supposed to start at Iowa or beat JO, is this match the next chapter of the Tony under dog story?

0:12:30 - What if you lose? ADCC?

0:14:00 - Did you hear what Nicky Ryan said about wrestling? How did you get so strong?

0:16:50 - Why did you do this crazy ruleset?

0:18:00 - What is UNC able to do wrestling wise? How have the athletes handled it?

0:23:30 - 4 Ramos kids now, mama mia. How are you approaching athletics with your kids? Good weight cutting discussion.

0:28:40 - Tony makes his 57kg prediction

0:31:40 - Did the Daton suspension surprise you? Are PED’s a problem in wrestling?