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Chris Ayres

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Chris Ayres | The Bader Show (Ep. 152)

Jan 25, 2021

0:02 Coach Ayres’ opinion of the Captains’ Cup draft
0:05 The level of excitement around women’s wrestling is unmatched
0:07 Why Coach Ayres is a big advocate for women’s wrestling
0:09 How Ayers’ daughter got into wrestling
0:14 The current situation for women’s wrestling in the NCAA
0:19 What will it look like when Women’s NCAA championships are freestyle and Men’s are folkstyle?
0:24 Coach Ayres’ thoughts after the passing of Greg Strobel
0:31 How Coach Strobel helped change Ayres’ perspective on the sport
0:34 The fundraiser for Strobel’s memorial
0:38 Catching up on the NJRTC
0:41 Can Women’s wrestling keep men’s programs from being cut?
0:45 Final word