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Tyrel Todd

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Tyrel Todd | The Bader Show (Ep. 156)

Feb 2, 2021

0:02 Catching up with Tyrel Todd about Missouri’s season
0:04 How Coach Todd feels about a shortened, one semester season
0:09 Coach Todd’s farming lineage
0:17 When Tyrel started thinking about wrestling in college
0:19 Tyrel’s recruiting process
0:25 Stalling out opponents
0:26 Winning six straight matches to place 3rd at NCAAs
0:28 Tyrell’s match in Vegas when he tore his ACL
0:30 Why back side matches felt different, and how Coach Todd uses that to help athletes now
0:35 How Tyrel Todd has grown as a coach
0:40 The development that’s happening at Missouri
0:44 The rest of Missouri’s schedule
0:47 Tyrel Todd’s final word
0:48 Tyrel Todd’s wins & whoopins