picture of Clarissa Chun

A native of Hawaii and pioneer in the sport of women's wrestling, Chun was a 2008 world champion and 2012 Olympic bronze-medalist, the first medal ever from an American in women's wrestling. Chun continues to shatter boundaries when she was named the head coach of the Iowa women's wrestling program in 2021, the first NCAA women's varsity program from a D1 Power 5 conference.

Clarissa Chun | The Bader Show

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Clarissa Chun | The Bader Show (Ep. 250)

Nov 23, 2021

Iowa women's coach Clarissa joins The Bader Show to discuss her historic new role. 

0:00: Introducing Clarissa Chun.

1:00: Women’s wrestling landscape.

5:00: Competing for Missouri Valley

8:00: Transitioning to coaching.

10:00: Development as a coach.

13:00: Buzz about the Iowa job.

16:00: The Iowa application process.

19:00: Vision for the Iowa program.

23:00: Difference at USA Wrestling and Iowa.

26:00: Building a relationship with Terry Brands.

28:00: Snapshot of two wrestling programs at Iowa.

30:00: Recruiting process.

31:30: Building a staff.

34:00: Talks of other women’s programs adding wrestling.

37:00: Standing ovations.

40:00: Sweat it out.

44:00: Clarissa’s recruiting pitch.