picture of Kenny Monday
Nate Carr: The Bader Show (Ep. 339)

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Nate Carr: The Bader Show (Ep. 339)

Oct 11, 2022

0:00: Fastest Carr?

1:00: Big family.

3:30: Introduction to wrestling.

6:30: Brother Jimmy made 1972 Olympic team at the age of 17

8:30: The Barn.

10:30: Nerves.

12:00: Purpose-driven practice.

14:30: Arriving at Iowa State.

17:00: Almost a Hawkeye.

19:30: NCAA success.

24:00: Nate Carr’s style.

26:30: Making the impossible possible.

29:30: Reaching the next level.

31:30: It got personal with Kenny Monday.

48:00: Wrestling Scott Trizzino in the sauna.

52:00: Carr-Monday Revived.

57:00: Sweat it out.