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Lance Palmer

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Lance Palmer | The Bader Show (Ep. 154)

Jan 27, 2021

0:01 Catching up with Lance Palmer about his upcoming fights
0:04 What it feels like to fight two mma fights in a day
0:07 How do fighters focus on recovery
0:09 The Pandemic’s impact on Lance’s fights
0:14 Lance’s thoughts on The Toughest Bracket Ever
0:17 When Lance knew his 149 bracket would be extremely tough
0:19 The strange things in Lance’s match with Metcalf
0:22 Diving into the singlet grab situation
0:24 Palmer was deflated after the quarterfinals
0:26 What was in Lance’s head after losing in the quarters?
0:28 Lance believed he could beat Metcalf
0:31 How often does Lance think about the 2008 bracket?
0:34 Lance’s win over Brent Metcalf in the 2010 Big Ten finals
0:38 Metcalf was good at frustrating his opponents
0:40 How Lance feels about Metcalf today
0:42 Why Lance wasn’t intimidated by Metcalf when everyone else was
0:45 Lance compares his confidence in wrestling to confidence in mma
0:48 Lance watches featherweights from all organizations
0:51 Checking in on the dog Lance got from Bubba Jenkins
0:55 Lance’s final word