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Jamill Kelly

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Jamill Kelly | The Bader Show (Ep. 111)

Oct 12, 2020

0:01 Jamill Kelly’s, impressions of Senior Nationals and his new role at UNC
0:03 Starting a coaching job during a pandemic
0:06 Jamill Kelly’s start in wrestling
0:11 Jamill would make gains every time he wrestled an opponent
0:12 Kelly’s high school wrestling program
0:14 When Jamill Kelly started thinking about wrestling in college
0:15 Jamill went to Lassen Community College without ever visiting
0:17 The process of getting better at Lassen
0:20 Did Jamill think he’d go Division 1 after Lassen?
0:23 Getting some big wins at open tournaments led to being recruited
0:26 Being in the Lassen room was a lot like being in a D1 room
0:27 The adjustment period at Oklahoma State
0:29 When Jamill Kelly finally knew he could compete with anyone
0:32 Being Cary Kolat’s training partner for the 2000 Olympics
0:36 Being around for Kolat’s brutal Olympics
0:38 The practice match with Terry Brands that helped Jamill decide to compete after college
0:40 Jamill was the equipment manager at Oklahoma State
0:41 The quad from 2000-2004
0:43 When Jamill learned to control the things that were controllable
0:45 How the new weights changed Jamill’s approach
0:46 Jamill’s first world team experience in 2003
0:51 Jamill’s down time after the World Championships
0:54 The 2004 Olympic Trials and Olympics experiences
1:07 Jamill’s Olympic medal came at an incredibly condensed weight
1:08 Jamill Kelly’s wins & whoopins
1:10 Jamill’s iconic facial expression