picture of 2021 FloWrestling Who's Number One

Completed, Sep 17-18

Entering its ninth year, Who's #1 will once again be a star studded lineup that features the top two ranked high school wrestlers from around the country putting it on the line to call themselves #1.


Oklahoma RTC Roll Call With Eric Guerrero

Sep 9, 2021

Eric Guerrero runs down the kids who are at practice today at the Oklahoma RTC. Including but not limited to:

  • Jordan Williams 
  • Meyer Shapiro
  • Rocco Welsh
  • Kal Miller
  • Treshaun Tecson
  • Mac Church
  • Jayce Caviness
  • Cole Brooks
  • Ishmael Guerrero 
  • Garrett Washington
  • Jordan Cullers
  • A.B. Stokes
  • K.J. Evans
  • Gage Walker
  • E.J. Tecson
  • Cascia Hall
  • Christian Forbes
  • Carter McCallister
  • Brady Roark