picture of FloWrestling 2: Burroughs vs Zahid

Nov 15, 2020

Five-time World and Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs returns to the mat as he takes on Junior World silver medalist and two-time NCAA champion Zahid Valencia at a catch weight of 185 lbs.

The Event Starts at 8:00 PM ET

Match 1: Kyven Gadson vs Kollin Moore, 97 kg

Match 2: Kayla Miracle vs Ana Godinez, 62 kg

Match 3: Sammy Sasso vs Tyler Berger, 160 lbs.

Match 4: Alli Ragan vs Lauren Louive, 59 kg

Match 5: G'angelo Hancock vs Alan Vera, 103 kg

Match 6: Anthony Echemendia vs Evan Henderson, 67 kg

Match 7: Jordan Burroughs vs Zahid Valencia, 185 lbs