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Jan 24, 4:30 PM UTC

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Evan Wick

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Evan Wick | The Bader Show

Nov 3, 2021

Evan Wick reflects on his wrestling career and his decision to transfer from Wisconsin to Cal Poly. 

0:00: Previewing the Top 100

1:30: Introduction to wrestling.

6:00: Developing a style.

12:30: Immediate adjustments.

15:00: Having success.

18:30: ‘We’ve been doing this for years.’

20:00: Embracing a leadership role at Cal Poly.

21:00: Confidence as a freshman.

23:00: Evan Wick defeats Logan Massa.

25:00: ‘I’m going to attack and attack and attack.’

26:30: Wrestling for third at NCAA tournament.

31:00: The decision to leave Wisconsin.

34:00: Does Jon Sioredas still wrestle?

35:00: Freestyle success.

37:00: Can Evan Wick be in the upper tier at 74 kg?

40:00: Sweat It Out.

46:00: Wins and whoopins