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May 18, 3:30 PM UTC

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Frank Popolizio

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Frank Popolizio | The Bader Show

Apr 21, 2021

Watch the replay of The Bader Show from Apr 21, 2021, with Frank Popolizio.

0:00: Pretending to be Frank Popolizio on a flight to Sofia, Bulgaria.

4:30: Steve Poulin did not want to eat with Kyle at Who’s #1.

6:00: Growing up wrestling. 

9:30: The day Pat Popolizio passed Frank as a wrestler.

11:00: The genesis of Journeymen Wrestling.

13:00: Forced communication with Pat Smith.

17:00: Starting Journeymen Wrestling Club.

21:30: Bagging the insurance game for the wrestling game.

23:30: There’s no security when you take a risk. 

25:00: Journeymen Wrestling and FloWrestling joining forces.

27:00: Talking John Smith into an Oklahoma State vs. North Carolina State dual in Italy.

31:00: Getting yelled at by John Smith in Italy.

37:30: Persistence pays off.

39:30: The day Frank called J Robinson.

41:00: The skill of staying relentless. 

42:30: That time Screwy Louie Lazarri ate Frank’s sandwich.

45:30: Holding the New York State Wrestling Championships during a pandemic. 

51:30: How did Frank become a farmer?

57:00: Mark shoots a .50 caliber gun on Frank’s farm.

58:00: Flo changed Frank’s life.