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May 18, 3:30 PM UTC

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Jenna Burkert

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Jenna Burkert | The Bader Show

Apr 14, 2021

Watch the replay of The Bader Show from Apr 14, 2021 with Jenna Burkert

0:00: Bob Dylan and “The Hurricane.”

1:00: Jenna Burkert introduction.

2:30: Cross training and mental training.

4:30: Being present and enjoying the day.

5:30: Benefits of the lockdown.

6:15: Competing for the Army WCAP and military life.

8:45: Expectations of the World Class Athlete Program.

11:00: Physical demands of basic training vs. the demands of wrestling.

12:30: The most challenging part of being in the military. 

13:45: Can Jenna Burkert fight in global war?

14:15: Long-term goals with the military.

15:30: Training with the Southeast Regional Training Center.

18:00: Military travel restrictions.

19:45: “A bit fat, but otherwise lovely and very talented.”

21:00: Jenna’s mother fell ill.

25:30: Dealing with the passing of a loved one.

27:00: Training situation through mother’s passing.

29:00: “You have to go to the Olympic Trials.”

30:30: “I always care.”

31:30: Final communication with mother.

33:30: Competing at the Olympic Trials.

37:30: Celebration of life at the Olympic Trials.

38:15: The best version of Jenna we’ve ever seen.

40:00: The headlock.

43:15: Facing Helen.

45:30: What do you do between matches two and three?

46:30: Sweep the leg.47:30: ‘It’s a lot to see yourself bawling on NBC.’

48:15: A moment to show strength.

49:15: Jenna believes she’s going to win.

50:15: This is where the warrior comes out.

51:00: Pure, raw emotion.

52:00: ‘My mom is really gone.’

54:30: A form of grieving. 

56:00: ‘The grieving process is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.’

57:45: ‘To feel supported is unlike anything else.’

59:00 Looking ahead toward the World Championships.

60:00: Can Jenna replicate the magic at the World Team Trials?

62:00: ‘I like to think I can compete at any weight class.’

63:00: Wins and whoopins.

65:30: Parting words from Jenna Burkert.