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May 31

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Miguel Rodriguez | The Bader Show (Ep. 368)

Feb 15, 2023

Miguel Rodriguez joins the show to talk about Dunia Sibomana and how they met. Dunia was attacked by chimpanzees, came to the US and won a state title in New York as an 8th grader.

0:01 - Miguel watched the film

0:04 - Long Beach

0:05 - Isaiah Bird

0:09 - Long Beach wrestling

0:12 - Meeting Dunia

0:17 - If he stays in LB we can help him

0:20 - Have to have a sense of humor

0:23 - Dunia’s wrestling introduction

0:26 - Dunia making varsity in 8th grade

0:31 - Tough road ahead medically

0:33 - Blessing in disguise?

0:35 - Dunia wants to be an architect 

0:37 - Today and the wrestling season