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Aug 11, 3:30 AM UTC

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Spartan Combat Faceoffs & Mark Ironside

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Dake/McFadden, Dean/Macchiavello, Yianni/Ashnault, & Ironside | The Bader Show

Jan 5, 2021

0:01 David McFadden’s first year training freestyle full time
0:02 Kyle Dake’s training situation
0:03 Dake and McFadden talk about the importance of competing
0:07 Dake hasn’t wrestled in back to back weeks since 2013
0:08 McFadden’s preparation for Dake who’s a two-time World champ
0:09 Dake’s preparation for McFadden
0:10 Dake and McFadden make predictions for Burroughs/Taylor and Gray/Mensah-Stock0:13 Gabe Dean and Mike Macchiavello are preparing to battle
0:15 When Dean and Macch will switch from friends to competitors
0:18 Macch and Dean assess their recent performances
0:20 How Dean feels in his return to competition
0:22 What Dean has learned about himself through competition this year
0:23 Dean and Macch’s predicitons for Burroughs/Taylor and Gray/Mensah-Stock0:25 How Yianni and Ashnault feel about their upcoming match
0:28 Yianni’s preparation for Ashnault
0:29 How Ashnault is getting ready for Yianni
0:30 Ashnault’s takeways from the 8-Man
0:32 What Yianni learned from his teammate, Evan Henderson’s match with Ashnault
0:33 Yianni and Ashnault make predictions for Burroughs/Taylor and Gray/Mensah-Stock0:37 Checking in with Mark Ironside about his apparel store
0:38 How it felt growing up in Iowa during the Gable era
0:39 Ironside’s recruiting process was simple
0:41 What it was like to train under Dan Gable
0:44 Ironside comments on Gable’s “I recommend it” clip and his unique cadence
0:56 Times when Gable came unglued
0:59 What it was like to have a film crew around during the 1997 season
1:00 How Iowa scored 170 points in 1997
1:04 How Gable, Brands, and Royce coached Ironside from a semifinal loss in 1996 to title in 1997
1:08 Ironside reacts to footage of Gable celebrating the 1997 NCAA title
1:11 Did the Hawkeyes know Gable was going to retire after 1997?
1:12 Mark Ironside’s thoughts about the 2021 Hawkeye team
1:15 Ironside’s final word
1:16 Mark Ironside’s prediction for Burroughs vs Taylor