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Sep 23, 1:15 PM UTC

Christian Pyles, Ben Askren, and Kyle Bratke discuss all of the biggest and latest news in wrestling on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. 

564. Fresno State Drops Wrestling

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Fresno State Drops Wrestling & Russian Nationals Results | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 564)

Oct 20, 2020

On episode 564 of FRL, the boys discuss Fresno State dropping wrestling, Russian Nationals results, the second NLWC event, and more.

Run of Show

0:00 - CP and Bratke almost had a wardrobe malfunction today

0:01 - Szn 1 of The Wire hurt Ben

0:02 - Ben has ditched the crutches and is officially shooting high crotches 

0:03 - Fresno State drops wrestling after just reinstating a few years ago. What gives?

0:13 - Update on what Team USA will be doing this year with the Senior World Championships

0:15 - Everything you need to know about Russian Nationals

0:28 - Metcalf Episode 3 thoughts

0:38 - Changes coming to the PSAC schools

0:40 - Sadulaev’s quotes on Kyle Snyder and the losses he’s taken and winning vs money

0:45 - Beau Bartlett vs Bryce Meredith tonight...who you got? Thoughts on NLWC event

0:56 - A little Super 32 talk

01:05 - Questions from friends