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Christian Pyles, Ben Askren, and Kyle Bratke discuss all of the biggest and latest news in wrestling on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.

899. Regular Season Awards Show

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Regular Season Awards Show | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 899)

Feb 22, 2023

CP, Ben, and JD take a look back at everything that happened over the regular season, talk about their favorite moments, and hand out some awards.

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(0:00) Ben's Mirasola twins are headed to Penn State

(3:50) what's going on in Illinois?

(11:10) awards time!

(12:05) dual of the year

(19:00) match of the year

(21:35) pin of the year

(27:55) Princess Bride pit of despair don’t even think about trying to escape award

(31:09) Space Mountain roller coaster award

(36:10) Wade Schalles, not Ben Askren, pinner of the year award

(38:45) OW

(41:00) Rookie of the year

(46:17) breakout star of the year

(53:27) upset of the year

(55:42) biggest surprise of the year

(58:14) comeback of the year

(1:05:45) questions