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784. Why Are Wrestlers So Paranoid?

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Why Are Wrestlers So Paranoid? + Parents At Youth Practice | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 784)

Apr 27, 2022

Shane Sparks joins the show for a show that touches on everything from paranoia, to youth practice, to foreigners' pace, to baseball hot takes, and more.

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Run of Show

(0:00) Did Shane manifest Gable coming back?

(1:45) Stephen Neal is vastly underrated + best Hodge seasons

(6:45) Cuba is going to Pan-Ams and how do Cubans wrestle so long?

(11:20) Tom Brady and why great athletes and coaches are often paranoid

(33:30) random sports hot takes

(42:50) should parents attend youth practice?

(47:20) questions and voicemails