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Oct 26, 1:15 PM UTC

Christian Pyles, Ben Askren, and Kyle Bratke discuss all of the biggest and latest news in wrestling on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. 

686. Chael Sonnen

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Chael Sonnen Rants & Raves About Who Promotes Themselves Best In Wrestling | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 686)

Aug 24, 2021

Chael Sonnen joins the show and goes on several epic rants about a number of different hot topics in wrestling.

Run of Show

00:00 Intro + Chael Sonnen joins the show

01:56 Thoughts on the Olympics

14:25 Braxton Amos vs AJ Ferrari

31:55 The needle movers in wrestling

37:48 Burroughs vs the field at 79 kg

44:21 61 at the World Team Trials

56:35 NCAA rules! WNO

58:00 Chael picks CP’s brain on Greco

1:03:51 Questions from friends