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Braxton Amos | Bader Show

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Braxton Amos | Bader Show

Sep 1, 2021

Braxton Amos is coming off a historic performance at the Junior World Championships where he won a gold medal in freestyle and a bronze in Greco. Hear from Amos about his double medal run and about his upcoming freshman season at Wisconsin.

00:00 Intro

01:38 The Braxton Amos shrine

03:58 Life after a world title

06:18 JR world championships walkthrough

21:56 Making a choice on styles

23:01 The prospect of being a college student

24:28 Folkstyle training

25:50 Practice schedule at Wisconsin moving forward

26:54 Madison Wisconsin

28:02 AJ Ferrari match

31:20 197

32:58 Embracing being the face of Badger wrestling

34:00 Can Braxton beat Jon Reader

37:15 Badger wrestling history

38:13 Questions from Rich

48:38 Closing remarks