807. Transfer News And Lineup Changes

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Transfer News And Lineup Changes | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 807)

Jun 22, 2022

Shane Sparks joins the show to talk a little about wrestling and a lot about random things like his facial hair and the Wisconsin State Fair.

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(0:00) Shane Sparks is back and still can't grow facial hair

(2:45) carnivore diet. Good or bad?

(7:15) Seth Gross beating Daton Fix

(12:50) is 65 kg America's worst weight or is it that much tougher domestically?

(22:10) more grounded rule talk

(28:50) the show goes off the rails talking about music and the Wisconsin State Fair

(37:20) mat cleanliness in wrestling vs jiu-jitsu

(42:25) Tony Negron transferring from Penn State to Arizona State and graduation talk

(51:40) a voicemail, questions, and we end the show with Ben laughing the hardest he ever has in his life