790. Notorious Weight Bumps + Officiating

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Notorious Weight Bumps + Officiating Issues | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 790)

May 11, 2022

JD is back from Mexico and Shane joins the show to talk about everything from 80s pop-rock to wrestling positions.

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Run of Show

(0:00) JD is back from Mexico and Shane has a message on life

(7:52) is there such a thing as too disciplined?

(10:52) terrible wrestling t-shirts and tattoos

(19:50) great weight bump ups in wrestling

(27:08) the yips in wrestling

(33:00) officiating problems

(45:45) could Cohlton Schultz make the World team in both freestyle and greco this year?

(57:40) what areas should high school wrestlers focus on?

(1:06:15) how does Myles Amine stack up?

(1:10:45) more random music talk from Shane