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Royce Alger

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Royce Alger | The Bader Show

Dec 22, 2020

0:01 Royce Alger is recovering from knee surgery, and wrestling prepared him
0:05 The time Gable got his hip replaced before Big 10
0:08 When Gable coached the team from a hospital bed
0:11 What wrestling was like in Iowa when Royce grew up
0:14 Did Royce know Gable would have that level of success?
0:17 Growing up with Brad Smith as a coach
0:21 When reporters started following the Hawkeyes going for their 10th title
0:25 Gable brought his own weather
0:28 Gable was able to read people to know what they needed
0:31 When Royce asked Gable why he left coaching in London
0:35 How Gable changed from ’83 to ‘97
0:37 Royce compares Gable and Sanderson
0:41 Should the US have sent a team to the Individual World Cup
0:42 Royce’s thoughts on Jordan Burroughs vs David Taylor
0:46 Looking forward to the NCAA season
0:48 Royce’s final thoughts