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Roman Bravo-Young

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Roman Bravo-Young | The Bader Show

Mar 29, 2021

Watch the replay of The Bader Show from Mar 29, 2021 with Roman Bravo Young.

0:01 Roman Bravo-Young’s start in wrestling

0:04 The time RBY went straight from Cadet Trials to training with Austin Gomez

0:06 What makes Sunnyside so special?

0:07 RBY’s recruiting process

0:08 When Roman realized wrestling could help him avoid a problematic path

0:11 RBY’s coaches helped him realize his potential

0:13 Roman’s start at Penn State and his character development in Happy Valley

0:15 RBY’s experience of when NCAAs were canceled in 2020

0:17 During the pandemic, Roman took matters into his own hands with training and self-promotion

0:23 Roman’s reflections on this NCAA season

0:25 The environment at NCAAs with a smaller crowd at NCAAs

0:26 Roman’s thoughts on wrestling Daton Fix

0:27 Training with Thomas Gilman

0:29 RBY’s freestyle aspirations

0:30 Roman may transition to MMA down the road

0:31 RBY’s wins & whoopins