Adam Hall

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Adam Hall | The Bader Show

Feb 25, 2021

Adam Hall joins the show to talk about NC State, the ACC and the Toughest Bracket Ever.

0:01 Adam Hall compares this season to typical NCAA seasons

0:04 The feeling around NC State about a shortened season

0:11 Adam Hall talks about the ACC back when he was competing in the PAC-12

0:14 Hall talks about coaching in a highly competitive ACC Championships

0:17 How NC State tapers the guys for the end of the season

0:20 How NC State approaches whole season planning

0:21 Communication between athletes and coaches

0:24 Deciding the 197 starter in a strange year

0:27 Adam Hall’s thoughts on the 2008 149 lbs bracket and the FloFilm

0:35 How wrestling has continued to grow in North Carolina

0:39 Adam Hall’s wins & whoopins

0:45 The final word from Adam Hall