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Gable Steveson

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Gable Steveson | The Bader Show

Apr 7, 2021

Watch the replay of The Bader Show from Apr 7, 2021 with Gable Steveson

0:00 The Gable name and meeting Dan Gable

3:00: First Olympic memories

6:00: Supreme confidence and maturity

8:30: Early international travels

13:30: Are you not entertained?

14:30: AJ Ferrari

16:30: Curtain call at Olympic Trials

17:30: WWE Memories

19:30: Reaction from coaches about entertaining style

20:30: RTC Cup and wrestling Gwiz

22:00: Mason Parris

25:30: Olympic Trials

27:30: Making jumps

28:45: Losing in 2019 to Anthony Cassar

29:30: Recovery

30:30: Potential of not coming back to wrestling

32: Brock Lesnar

34:30: WWE lifestyle advice from Brock Lesnar

36:30: Is the next path WWE?

37:15: Olympic path and upcoming training

39:30: Plotting ahead to 2020 Olympics as a kid?

42:30: Five African American NCAA champions

46:00: 2021 World Championships