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Mark Ellis | The Bader Show

Jun 16, 2021

Watch the replay of The Bader Show from Jun 16, 2021 with 2009 NCAA champion Mark Ellis.

0:02 - Welcome Mark Ellis, an NCAA champion at Missouri and current Area Director for the Fellowship of Chrisitan Athletes, Mark Ellis.

0:05 - Mark couldn’t start as a freshman at Raymore-Peculiar High School, but that frustration provided the motivation he needed to propel him the heights he reached later in his career. 

0:09 - Football practice at Missouri wasn’t tough and crazy enough for Mark so he quit the team and joined the wrestling team. 

0:15 - When Mark saw the Mizzou team from 157 up (Chandler, Woodley, Askren, Jordan, & Askren) and absorbed their mindsets he knew he could win a national championship.

0:19 - Fighting for a starting spot with Dom Bradley was ‘miserable’. It was a saga and experience Mark wouldn’t wish upon his worst enemy. 

0:24 - Mark leaned on his team to gain the proper focus and mindset to win an NCAA title. Then was nearly derailed when Metcalf vs Caldwell happened before his finals match.

0:30 - What is the FCA? It is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Mark has been there since 2017. 

0:35 - What is ‘Truth and Technique’, FCA’s event streaming live on fcawrestling.org, and how to watch it this Friday at 6:00 PM. 

0:38 - Wins and Whoopins with Mark Ellis.