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Afsoon Johnston and Olivia Lichti | Everything Women's Wrestling

Apr 11, 2022

Afsoon Johnston and Olivia Lichti join the show to talk about their stories in wrestling and the growth of the sport.

Order of Show

0:00 - Introduction

1:30-9:30 - Afsoon's journey in wrestling 

9:30-12:20 - Afsoon reflects on her journey in Iran 

12:45-15:45 - Olivia Lichti talks about her journey in the sport of wrestling and also discusses her work as a writer for international women's wrestling

15:45-17:41 - Afsoon discusses the scope and sequence of the book, "Afsoon," by Craig Sesker which chronicles her life in the sport.  

17:41-22:50 - Who should read the book 

22:50-27:00 - Afsoon reflects on the progress women's wrestling has made 

27:00-32:00 - Book Club Guide: How can it be used?  Who can use it? 

32:00-33:09 - How to purchase a book and download the book guide 

33:09-51:13 - Examples of questions from the book club guide.  So many questions to generate valuable discussions!   

51:13 - What topics (or guests) do Afsoon and Olivia think should be on the Everything Women's Wrestling Show?